How We Started

Our team includes a patented inventor, hospital department head, social network expert, creative director, graphic designer, computer programmer and architect, corporate fundraiser, HR manager, investment fund manager, and entrepreneurs. That’s more positions than people but that’s what it takes.

We could be designing games, selling products, driving customers into retail stores, selling brand messages, doing scientific research, or entertaining you on your computer. We are. We’ve studied what the business world knows about customer motivation, and we use that to sell you on taking care of your health.



PillJogger Team

Robert L. Pakter, M.D., CEO



John R. Hawkins, CTO



Terry Cater, Vice President, Pharmacy Industry Relations



Roman Rittweger MD, MBA Advisor, Business Development, EU and Gulf States



Amy Romanek, Senior Product Manager and Analyst



Christoph Opperman, Creative Director




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