What Is PillJogger?

We are a software developer in the mobile health space specifically addressing adherence. Our solutions include a smartphone app for reminding and incentivizing individuals to take their medicine and a tablet based solution for reducing hospital readmissions during the critical 30 day period post-discharge. We've also developed a patent -pending hardware product for mobile drug delivery and monitoring, MedWheel (see “Products”).

Why PillJogger?

We're guided by the three core tenets we believe are critical for efficacy:

Applicability: Building a reminder app is relatively easy. Improving adherence is a much greater challenge. Apps are worthless if they aren't opened. We've designed ours for engagement, providing rewards and entertainment with each adherence event. These value-added opportunities specific to each user are an integral feature of our solution.

Usability: If a user can't intuitively figure out how to work an app, that's poor design. We put a lot of emphasis on the user experience. We want to be liked!

Whimsy: Few things are as onerous as having to take medication for the rest of one's life. Dull reminders get tiresome quickly. We built a platform that is brightly colorful, changes daily and hopefully is a bit of fun.

Where We're Going

Beyond our current iOS demo (free on iTunes), users of our robust HIPAA compliant solution won't need to enter medication lists or instructions. Their phones will be automatically synched with updated e-prescribing information.

Economic incentives boost adherence, it's been demonstrated time and again. With proprietary games such as our mobile “scratch off,” we reveal mCoupons, rebates and offers personalized to each user. And since users need only refill prescriptions to stay in our program (at pharmacies of their choosing), we're betting they'll get in the habit of taking their medicines too! We'll also be offering scheduling and reminders for vaccinations, diabetes counseling, medication management and health screenings.


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