Who We Are

We are a health software publisher committed to fostering medication adherence. Our solution helps patients take charge of their health through encouragement, dissemination of information and friendly reminders. In doing so, we keep people on track to stay healthy.


Why We Do It

Nearly 100,000 preventable deaths occur each year in the United States alone for want of proper medical adherence. As a physician, CEO and founder Robert Pakter, M.D. saw firsthand what that statistic means. So, after nearly twenty-five years as a practicing physician, he decided to do something about it.


Failure to remember to take medication or confusion over complicated regimens has led to nearly $300 billion dollars in unnecessary healthcare expenditure each year. Robert looked at existing solutions and noticed a common thread; they didn't make patients want to use them. Most lacked any system to incent the user for long term engagement, some involved purchasing inconvenient plug-in devices, and some were just plain wacky.


PillJogger was built to change all of that. We set out to design a product that we would want to use ourselves. The rules were simple. It had to be reliable and effortless to get the medication information from the electronic health record and it had to populate the EHR with adherence data. It had to be non-doctrinaire or academic, so users would want to interact with it, sometimes several times a day. And it had to be dynamic, meaning there would always be something new to discover each time one used it.


How We Do It

Our team of dedicated medical professionals, researchers, analytics and social media experts, designers and engineers worked hard to implement the PillJogger solution. Under the hood we've got mobile technologies, Django/Python, the best sources of user-friendly drug data available and more. Top that off with a commitment to personal privacy, HIPAA compliant solutions and a passion for solving the problem at hand and we think we have something that just might make a difference.


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